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DacMos is a blog that provides fair reviews about different products derived from industrial hemp. These products range from hemp shampoo, hemp lotion, hemp-based CBD (cannabidiol) oils, hemp CBD gum all the way to building materials.

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The endocannabinoid system within the human body is one of science’s newest and most exciting discoveries. Here there are two receptor sites on cells of the brain, internal organs and digestive tract (CB-1 and CB-2) that have been shown to be the largest neuro-transmitter system with the entire human body. This neurotransmitter system regulates relaxation, eating, sleeping, and even cognitive function. Phyto-cannabinoids or plant-based cannabinoids, such as CBD can assist the body’s health and wellness.


Hemp Oil is a unique oil loaded with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). When applied to the skin it provides moisture and promotes soft, radiant-looking skin.

Hemp oil may well improve the appearance or the feel of your skin, particularly if you have “problem” skin. US Hemp Oil’s Jerry W. recommends supplementing one’s diet with 2 teaspoons per day of hemp oil – mix in with your salad, on a baked potato, etc. This program complements the topical application.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural constituent of the hemp plant that has shown significant health and wellness benefits – CBD promotes and supports the dietary and nutritional health of aging bodies (US Government patent # 6,630,507).


If just a small percentage of what some research doctors and scientists are saying about Cannabinoids and the particular cannabinoid is known as Cannabidiol (CBD) is true, we may potentially have an amazing scientific breakthrough. Cannabidiol, when extracted from the industrial hemp plant has shown extraordinary health and wellness benefits.

The US-based National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health has a highly positive reference on CBD on its website. (1)

Although there is little knowledge / public awareness of the benefits of CBD, this is rapidly changing. Cannabidiol, CBD, is derived from industrial hemp stalk or seed is a legal product within the United States.